Review: 65 Things to Do When You Retire

65 Things to Do When You Retire - book cover

65 Things to Do When You Retire, 65 Notable Achievers on How to Make the Most of the Rest of Your Life edited by Mark Evan Chimsky is not a book suggesting a bucket list or a “to do” list of retirement activities.

Instead 65 Things to Do When You Retire is a collection of 65 essays about various aspects of preparing for retirement and living after you retire. You’ll find inspiration and food for thought. The essays are short, a few pages at most, so don’t expect detailed advice.

You’ll recognize the authors of some of the essays. Most of the authors were new to me. It was a treat to find an essay by Sydney Lagier, who I know as Retired Syd. She blogs at Retirement: A Full-Time Job.

The book is divided into 7 sections.

  1. Redefining Retirement
  2. Your Retirement Game Plan
  3. Do Good By Giving Back
  4. How Working in Retirement Can Work For You
  5. A New Freedom to Be Yourself
  6. Family Matters
  7. Go For It!

65 Things to Do When You Retire will inspire you and help guide you toward a happy, satisfying retirement doing whatever you choose to do.

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Frog Season

little grey frog

I was trimming the bush below my kitchen window this morning and looked up to see a grey lump sitting on the window.

“Is that a frog?” I thought. I gave it a gentle poke and it wiggled a little.

Sure enough, it was a frog. By the time I finished trimming the bush and got my camera, it had crawled all the way up the window and was sitting just above the window. The siding is grey, the window is white and the frog is grey, making a very monochromatic picture.

My neighbor said he’d seen one of these little frogs in his yard, so I guess it’s frog season.

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Daily Puppy Cuteness

no weather blogger

My last 3 posts have been about snow, but that does not mean I want to be a weather blogger. I’m not going to talk about the 8″ of snow that fell last weekend, the ice slick on my front porch Monday morning, or reluctantly getting out the shovels and clearing a path to the street so I can go to the mailbox or take a walk without wading snow.

Today, I’m going to talk about cute puppies. More specifically a website with oodles of pictures of cute puppies, The Daily Puppy. Here are some ways to see the puppies.

I can’t show puppies from The Daily Puppy due to copyright laws and no JavaScript widgets on So I’ll leave you with a picture of my sister’s dachshund, Bruno, when he was a wee, super cute, pup.

Bruno on the porch - May 2012

If you prefer cats, check out The Daily Kitten.

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Happy 1st Day of Spring!

Hello, Spring! The birds are chirping. Tender green shoots of grass are sprouting. New leaves are forming on the trees.

Wait a minute!

Someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that today is the 1st day of Spring. She sent us the wrong weather!

snow on the 1st day of Spring

Snow on the 1st Day of Spring

That’s right. Metro Kansas City had below freezing temperatures and falling snow this afternoon.

At least it was a light snow with little accumulation. But another round is moving in tonight. They’re predicting little additional accumulation, so hopefully I won’t have to pull out the shovel. At least not until the weekend.

Another a major winter storm is headed our way this weekend. Maybe. They’re having trouble predicting what the weekend storm is going to do. We could have anything from a trace of snow to a foot.

I hope Mother Nature got my memo about no more snow shoveling until next winter.

What was your 1st day of Spring 2013 like? Any sunshine?

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No More Snow, Please

Dear Mother Nature,

Two major snow storms in less than 6 days is enough. Please do not send any more snow that requires snowplows, snow blowers, snow shovels and ice melt to make roads, driveways and sidewalks passable.

Thank You!

I thought about saying I’m ready for spring, but that implies the passage of precious days that I don’t want to miss.

Let it be cold for a while. That’s fine.

Let there be light snow flurries that last most of the day like we had yesterday. That’s fine.

I just don’t want any more snow that requires me to pull out a shovel and move white stuff!

On Tuesday, Mother Nature added 9″ or 10″ of heavy wet snow to the 10″ of snow left behind on Thursday, February 21.

snow piled by snowplow on 2/21

After digging out on the 21st, this pile of snow was at the end of my driveway.

growing pile left by snowplow

This morning, 2½ days after digging out from the 2nd snowstorm, I had this pile of snow in the same spot at the end of my driveway. Yes, the cleared area on my driveway has shrunk.

We’ve got some warmer (as in several degrees above freezing) days ahead to melt some of this snow. But it’s going to be a long time before these tall, frozen piles completely disappear.

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Digging Out

Did you hear that a major winter storm hit the Midwestern United States yesterday? The metro Kansas City area was smack dab in the middle of that storm’s path. Schools and many businesses closed for the day.

10 inches of snow

Snow started falling about 6 a.m. and ended a little after noon. Snowfall accumulations of 10″ to 13″ were reported around the metro. Traffic was at a standstill. Snowplows worked through the night to clear roads for Friday morning rush hour.

After the snow quit falling, people started digging out. I have no plans to go anywhere this weekend, but I did shovel a walking path to the street yesterday.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Yesterday, I walked down the street to where BobG was helping the neighbors clear their driveway with his snowblower. I told BobG I’d love for him to bring his snowblower to my house, but not then. I was in no rush and he was cold and tired.

The snowplows came through overnight and cleared a 5 foot wide path on my side of the street, so 2 cars can pass each other now. Of course, that snow wound up in my driveway and yard. The plows were clearing my neighborhood side streets this morning.

At 9 a.m. this morning, I went out with my shovels, cleared the path to the street again and widened it a bit. I was about to head inside for a while when I saw BobG and his snowblower headed my way.

snow piled by snowplow

The snowblower made quick work of the sea of snow on my driveway, but the mound from the snowplow was much harder to cut through. I started clearing the top layer off the mound to make it easier to plow.

My across the street neighbor, Richard, saw us shoveling and snowblowing and came over with his shovel. Richard made short work of the mound of snow from the snowplow. Ironically, Richard paid someone to shovel his driveway.

I learned that BobG helped 2 or 3 of our neighbors clear their driveways yesterday, so I’m glad I told him to wait to do mine. Richard grew up in Canada, where they have lots of snow. He doesn’t like shoveling snow, but he’s very good at it.

As we finished up my driveway, we looked down the street to see someone shoveling spray from the snowplows out of BobG’s driveway. BobG and Richard headed that way to help.

A Walk Around the Block

street corner piled with snow

I took a walk around the block this afternoon on the way to the mailbox.

Look how high the snow is piled at this street corner. The snowplow drivers work hard to clear the streets, but there just isn’t very many places to put all that snow.

fire hydrant in snow

I’m happy to report that our fire hydrants are sticking their heads out of the snow. With luck, they won’t be needed, but it’s good that they are accessible.

mailboxes in snow

One of the neighbors always digs out our mailboxes so the mail carrier can access the back side to deliver our mail and we can safely get our mail out.

It’s nice to live in a neighborhood where people help each other.

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