Happy 1st Day of Spring!

Hello, Spring! The birds are chirping. Tender green shoots of grass are sprouting. New leaves are forming on the trees.

Wait a minute!

Someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that today is the 1st day of Spring. She sent us the wrong weather!

snow on the 1st day of Spring

Snow on the 1st Day of Spring

That’s right. Metro Kansas City had below freezing temperatures and falling snow this afternoon.

At least it was a light snow with little accumulation. But another round is moving in tonight. They’re predicting little additional accumulation, so hopefully I won’t have to pull out the shovel. At least not until the weekend.

Another a major winter storm is headed our way this weekend. Maybe. They’re having trouble predicting what the weekend storm is going to do. We could have anything from a trace of snow to a foot.

I hope Mother Nature got my memo about no more snow shoveling until next winter.

What was your 1st day of Spring 2013 like? Any sunshine?

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