Review: 65 Things to Do When You Retire

65 Things to Do When You Retire - book cover

65 Things to Do When You Retire, 65 Notable Achievers on How to Make the Most of the Rest of Your Life edited by Mark Evan Chimsky is not a book suggesting a bucket list or a “to do” list of retirement activities.

Instead 65 Things to Do When You Retire is a collection of 65 essays about various aspects of preparing for retirement and living after you retire. You’ll find inspiration and food for thought. The essays are short, a few pages at most, so don’t expect detailed advice.

You’ll recognize the authors of some of the essays. Most of the authors were new to me. It was a treat to find an essay by Sydney Lagier, who I know as Retired Syd. She blogs at Retirement: A Full-Time Job.

The book is divided into 7 sections.

  1. Redefining Retirement
  2. Your Retirement Game Plan
  3. Do Good By Giving Back
  4. How Working in Retirement Can Work For You
  5. A New Freedom to Be Yourself
  6. Family Matters
  7. Go For It!

65 Things to Do When You Retire will inspire you and help guide you toward a happy, satisfying retirement doing whatever you choose to do.

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