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no weather blogger

My last 3 posts have been about snow, but that does not mean I want to be a weather blogger. I’m not going to talk about the 8″ of snow that fell last weekend, the ice slick on my front porch Monday morning, or reluctantly getting out the shovels and clearing a path to the street so I can go to the mailbox or take a walk without wading snow.

Today, I’m going to talk about cute puppies. More specifically a website with oodles of pictures of cute puppies, The Daily Puppy. Here are some ways to see the puppies.

I can’t show puppies from The Daily Puppy due to copyright laws and no JavaScript widgets on WordPress.com. So I’ll leave you with a picture of my sister’s dachshund, Bruno, when he was a wee, super cute, pup.

Bruno on the porch - May 2012

If you prefer cats, check out The Daily Kitten.

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