SusanB rambles about topics she finds interesting as she enjoys retirement.

SusanB is:

  • a quilter, a crocheter, and a knitter
  • a semi-hermit
  • a couch potato
  • a mouse potato
  • an avid reader
  • verbose, never giving a short answer when a long one will do
  • a penny pincher and manager of her personal finances
  • a pack rat
  • concerned about the environment
  • working on a healthy lifestyle for a long retirement

SusanB welcomed early retirement in the summer of 2005. A statistic in the corporate world of outsourcing and downsizing, she was happy to accept her retirement benefits and a fat separation payment and leave cubicle life behind for good 2 months after her 49th birthday.

Coworkers asked what SusanB was going to do. “Quilt. Clean out many years accumulation of stuff. Fix up the house and sell it. Move to Albuquerque,” she responded. “Basically, just live life on my own terms and my own schedule.”

It’s not very exciting most of the time, but it is a lot less stressful than the job was. Progress on clearing out clutter and getting the house ready to sell is slow at best. But SusanB still plans to move to Albuquerque. Someday.

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