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Frog Season

I was trimming the bush below my kitchen window this morning and looked up to see a grey lump sitting on the window. “Is that a frog?” I thought. I gave it a gentle poke and it wiggled a little. … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Ants

A little over 24 hours after putting out the Terro ant killer, there was no sign of an ant in my kitchen. Mission accomplished.

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They Like It

I spied half a dozen ants around my kitchen sink early this afternoon, so I put a couple of drops of Terro ant killer on this cardboard and placed it on the window sill over the sink. Now I have … Continue reading

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Danger in the Jungle

A couple of days ago, I was trimming dead wood out of a boxwood bush and look what I found. That’s a wasp nest at the point of the arrow. Thinking it was an old nest, I reached over with … Continue reading

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Ants Halt Air Conditioning

I’m watching Ocean’s Thirteen and enjoying the blissfully cool, dry air in my my house. That wasn’t possible last week. The air was humid and sticky. Without air conditioning, all the fans in the world won’t dry air in the … Continue reading

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