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Daily Puppy Cuteness

My last 3 posts have been about snow, but that does not mean I want to be a weather blogger. I’m not going to talk about the 8″ of snow that fell last weekend, the ice slick on my front … Continue reading

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Meet Bruno

Such a butch name for such a cute, sweet little puppy. Even full grown, can a dachshund live up to the name Bruno? Hard to imagine this little guy with the attitude his name suggests. Bruno is the latest addition … Continue reading

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Pets – Cheaper By the Dozen?

Last Saturday, I visited with my (step)sister Susie’s family, most of them anyway. A visit to Susie’s house requires planning. Otherwise, one or more of my nieces and nephews are likely to either escape or knock you down. Without further … Continue reading

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Feline Shoe Guardian

My little brother Dusty loves guarding shoes. He spent much of last weekend guarding my shoes while I visited with Mom.

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A Cat Celebrates Independence Day

Most Americans celebrate Independence Day with food and fireworks. Dusty, my mom’s cat, prefers cuddling up with shoes or bags for a cat nap. Dusty napping on my tote bag with my knitting inside. I let him nap and got … Continue reading

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Held Captive By A Cat

I spent Easter Sunday with family and my mom and I shopped the Branson outlets on Monday. Dusty, my mom’s cat checked out the smells of all my sisters’ animals (all eleven of them) and cuddled up with my shoes … Continue reading

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