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Frog Season

I was trimming the bush below my kitchen window this morning and looked up to see a grey lump sitting on the window. “Is that a frog?” I thought. I gave it a gentle poke and it wiggled a little. … Continue reading

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No More Snow, Please

Dear Mother Nature, Two major snow storms in less than 6 days is enough. Please do not send any more snow that requires snowplows, snow blowers, snow shovels and ice melt to make roads, driveways and sidewalks passable. Thank You! … Continue reading

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Digging Out

Did you hear that a major winter storm hit the Midwestern United States yesterday? The metro Kansas City area was smack dab in the middle of that storm’s path. Schools and many businesses closed for the day. Snow started falling … Continue reading

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Goodbye Winter!

The calendar says Spring is 6 days away, but Mother Nature thinks differently. The rhododendron has lavender flower buds and the bare spirea branches are sprouting leaves. Further evidence that Spring is here: the vinca is blooming and sprouting new … Continue reading

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Danger in the Jungle

A couple of days ago, I was trimming dead wood out of a boxwood bush and look what I found. That’s a wasp nest at the point of the arrow. Thinking it was an old nest, I reached over with … Continue reading

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Taming the Jungle

I’m definitely an indoor person. Given a choice between inside and outside, I’ll pick inside. One of the few exceptions is a morning walk in nice weather beats the exercise bike in the living room. I tend to neglect yard … Continue reading

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