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Precious Memory

I upgraded my mom’s 4 year old computer from 1 GB to 2 GB of memory yesterday evening. The operation was a success! Mom’s computer had been sluggish. Sometimes everything would freeze for half a minute or more at a … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Ants

A little over 24 hours after putting out the Terro ant killer, there was no sign of an ant in my kitchen. Mission accomplished.

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They Like It

I spied half a dozen ants around my kitchen sink early this afternoon, so I put a couple of drops of Terro ant killer on this cardboard and placed it on the window sill over the sink. Now I have … Continue reading

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Prescription Drug Costs Breaking Your Budget?

Too young for Medicare? Can’t afford the medicine your doctor prescribes? There are options. First, ask your doctor if there is a generic drug or a lower cost medicine that will provide the benefits you need. Many drug manufacturers offer … Continue reading

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Pet Food Recall

Pet Lover Alert! Menu Foods Income Fund announced a precautionary dog and cat food recall. It’s been in the news and there are recall information details on their website or call 1-866-895-2708. At this time, the recall is termed precautionary, … Continue reading

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Frugal cat litter

I don’t have a cat, but everyone in my family does. This tip found on was worth $100 to Shaunna Privratsky who submitted it to the Frugal $ense contest. Instead of the expensive cat litter, buy the least expensive, … Continue reading

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