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Dangerous Day to Grocery Shop

When I went out to run my errands yesterday, I totally forgot that it was the Day After Valentine’s Day. Go shopping at any grocery store or big box store that sells candy packaged specially for the holiday on the … Continue reading

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Impulse Buy

I walked into Costco and was immediately tempted into an impulse buy. Impulse buys can be bad for your waistline or bad for your personal finances. Sometimes both. Fortunately, this purchase was calorie-free and made a small dent in my … Continue reading

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Wise Credit Use – Part 2

I wrote about Wise Credit Use last week. Today, posted Do’s and don’ts for establishing credit. Two points caught my eye. Remember that a $5,000 credit limit is not $5,000 in additional income. It’s just another way to spend … Continue reading

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Wise Credit Use

I’ve always believed that with few exceptions, you shouldn’t spend money that you don’t have. Having a lot of debt to repay will not help you retire early. I decided early on that earning interest is good, paying interest is … Continue reading

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Will My Money Last?

Since retiring, I am much more watchful of how I spend my money than I was when I had a big paycheck every month. My pension is much smaller than my salary was and I can’t draw Social Security for … Continue reading

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