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Save Early, Retire Early

There’s a discussion on whether to invest in a 401K or pay off debt going on over at Free Money Finance. A FMF reader started a new, higher paying job and is deciding whether to invest the increased income in … Continue reading

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Annual Reports – Boring Yet Useful

If you own stock in a company or shares of a mutual fund, you get an annual report. These reports contain a lot of boring-looking financial data and legalese. I don’t want to read annual reports. Boring! I file the … Continue reading

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Invest Like a Pro

From 1988 to 2004, pension plans outgained 401(k)s by an average of 1 percent annually according to a Center for Retirement Research study. Over a few decades that turns into a big difference. The basic difference is that companies hire … Continue reading

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Will My Money Last?

Since retiring, I am much more watchful of how I spend my money than I was when I had a big paycheck every month. My pension is much smaller than my salary was and I can’t draw Social Security for … Continue reading

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