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Company’s Coming

Time to pick up clutter! My best friend has a business trip to Topeka, Kansas the first week of April and plans a brief extension to visit me. I predict a trip to several yarn shops. Wanda last visited in … Continue reading

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Snow Fun

Seems like my phone always rings at lunch time! Usually it’s a telemarketer for one of several charities that call on a regular basis hoping I’ll change my mind and agree to donate. Monday’s lunch time caller was my neighbor. … Continue reading

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Why Not Look Your Age?

Browsing through the TV listings, I spotted “Why Look Your Age!,” an infomercial for Lifestyle Lift®. I dislike 2 things about this infomercial. The infomercial implies that Lifestyle Lift® is a revolutionary new medical procedure that is quick and simple. … Continue reading

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Downsizing the Trash

Remember this 96 gallon embarrassment I was cursed with 4 years ago? It’s history now. In a move to avoid using a trash hauler to be designated by our city (a coming change), my homeowners association (HOA) and our trash … Continue reading

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Decades of Friendship

Friendship is kind of a mysterious thing. What causes some people to be lifelong friends and others passing acquaintances? I really don’t know. A friend is someone to talk to and do things with. Share secrets with. A friend is … Continue reading

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Coming to You from

Welcome to the new home of Ramblings from Early Retirement. Why move this blog instead writing new posts on Blogger? Because I have a Blogger-hosted crafting blog that is related to my Handcrafting With Love website. Eventually, I may move … Continue reading

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