Dangerous Day to Grocery Shop

When I went out to run my errands yesterday, I totally forgot that it was the Day After Valentine’s Day. Go shopping at any grocery store or big box store that sells candy packaged specially for the holiday on the day after and you will be greeted with displays of candy marked down for quick clearance.

I innocently walked into my local Hy-Vee supermarket late yesterday morning and was greeted with shopping carts full of left over Valentine’s candy. Clerks were busy loading Easter candy on the shelves that just 24 hours earlier held Valentine’s candy.

So what was my downfall? Yes, I fell for a “bargain,” if you can call what it will do to my waistline a bargain. I went with the dark side.

2 bags of Dark Chocolate M&Ms

Yep, not one, but two bags of dark chocolate M&Ms came home with me. My plan is to use my postal scale to measure out one serving a day. No getting the bag out for more and pigging out. That’s my plan.

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