Meet Bruno

Bruno on the porch

Such a butch name for such a cute, sweet little puppy. Even full grown, can a dachshund live up to the name Bruno? Hard to imagine this little guy with the attitude his name suggests.

Bruno Being Held

Bruno is the latest addition to my sister Susie’s family of cats and dogs. He joins 10 dogs and 10 cats and is the 6th dachshund in the family. I met Bruno last weekend while visiting family.

Mauled by 6 Dachshunds

I sat down to visit with Bruno and some of his siblings and was overrun by most of the dogs. Trixie and Barclay soon lost interest in competing for my attention, leaving me surrounded by 6 dachshunds.

mauled by 6 dachshunds

From left to right is Milo, Bruno (under my chin and under Milo), Louie, Maudie, Henry (behind Maudie), and Benny (on the floor).

I love visiting Susie’s animals, but in a short time, I got enough puppy love to last me a while. I prefer to live with one dog at a time when I have a pet. How about you? What is your favorite type of pet and preferred number of pets?

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2 Responses to Meet Bruno

  1. prttynpnk says:

    I think a dachshund can live up to any name- they are attitude on a stretched out frame! Obviously, they are my fav dogs. We’d have a herd if I had room for enough crates. So we stick to 3 for now- Bruderlein, liesl Too and Katze Lu…….

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