Snow Fun

Seems like my phone always rings at lunch time! Usually it’s a telemarketer for one of several charities that call on a regular basis hoping I’ll change my mind and agree to donate. Monday’s lunch time caller was my neighbor.




“Is it OK if Bob blows the snow off your driveway?”

snow blower blowing snow

Seems Bob had a new toy. A brand new snow blower and he’d waited all winter to play with it. We finally got a couple of inches of wet snow on Monday and he was having fun moving snow.

In no time at all, Bob had cleared my driveway and most of the sidewalk between the driveway and the front steps. He certainly saved me a bit of shoveling, though Mother Nature melted much of the snow the next day.

snow cleared from driveway

The next best thing to no snow is a friendly, helpful neighbor with a new snow blower!

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