Rest in Peace

air conditioner

This air conditioner served well for 12 years, with a few repairs. Unfortunately, the repairman was unable to revive the compressor for more than 5 minutes this past week. So in about a week, this old thing gets hauled away and replaced with brand new, more efficient system.

How will I live without air conditioning for that long? This air conditioner has been kaput for at least a week already. Probably longer, but it took temperatures in the upper 90s last weekend for me to conclusively decide it was not cooling.

My Heroes

air conditioner

This is the air conditioner that cools the upstairs of my house. This little guy has been a trooper, working overtime to keep the house from being an oven. Hopefully, he’ll continue to do so for the rest of the summer.

ceiling fan

The upstairs A/C is assisted by 7 ceiling fans, 3 floor fans and occasionally the attic fan. (It’s too hot and humid right now to use the attic fan.) The living room is open to the loft area, so the ceiling fans do a wonderful job of pushing cool air downstairs.

I covered my bedroom windows with blankets. My bedroom is downstairs on the west side and soaks in the afternoon sun. The blankets really reduce the heat gain.

All the rooms I spend time in are staying pretty comfortable. Of course comfortable is 80 to 83°F for me.

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  1. gloria says:

    stopped by to check out your blogs. Enjoy them all and will continue to peek. I cannot believe all the animals your sister has she has her own little farm going on there. I love dogs.

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