Pets – Cheaper By the Dozen?

Last Saturday, I visited with my (step)sister Susie’s family, most of them anyway. A visit to Susie’s house requires planning. Otherwise, one or more of my nieces and nephews are likely to either escape or knock you down. Without further ado, here’s the gang.

black cat - Stevie

Stevie on her favorite spot on the kitchen counter. Stevie was the first addition to Susie’s household, many years ago.

dogs - Ruthie and Zoe

Ruthie and Zoe – the latest and first canine family members. It’s rather shocking how grey Zoe has become.

big black dog - Seven

Seven – has grown up and left his puppy attitude behind.

black dog - Barclay

Barclay – still a bit rambunctious, but he has outgrown most of his puppy habits. Lovable when he isn’t climbing on you.

Marcel the cat

Marcel – what a peaceful cat. He stayed close to the action without joining in and positioned himself within reach of the visitors. All the better for getting petted.

Henry the dachshund

Henry – still has a bit of puppy in him after all these years. Henry was my first nephew. He thinks all new family members are his personal playmates.

dog - Trixie

Trixie – loves to be the center of attention.

kitten - Eloise

Eloise – the newest family member is always in motion. It took a lot of patience to get a picture of her sweet face. She was much more interested in the plant and the fringe on the lamp shade than posing for a portrait.

Eloise, kitten, with plant

Rocky and Coco missed the photo shoot. They were roaming the neighborhood as some cats love to do.

Caring for this many pets is not inexpensive by any means, but at least Susie can buy the giant economy sizes. With this many animals to sleep with, she can turn the heat down on those cold winter nights and still keep warm. She is one pet short of an even dozen, but close enough to inspire the title.

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  1. deafsetter says:

    Looked are your craft site first, leading me to your blog. Love your tribute to Dallas. I live in Neptune and volunteer for the Mon Cty SPCA, which I assume is where you adopted Dallas from. I too have just retired early at age 52. Been retired 1 month, and not in a routine yet. I also am a volunteer for A&B Eng Setter Rescue In 2 yrs when hubby retires, we plan to get out of NJ. MO is one of our possible choices. No children to be near, so our options are open to anywhere in the country. Anyway, just saying hello to a fellow animal lover.
    Deb B.

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