Ants Halt Air Conditioning

I’m watching Ocean’s Thirteen and enjoying the blissfully cool, dry air in my my house. That wasn’t possible last week. The air was humid and sticky. Without air conditioning, all the fans in the world won’t dry air in the excessively wet weather we’re having.

Three days after turning my air conditioning on in early June, I realized that the air blowing around upstairs wasn’t chilled. The system ran, but the compressor didn’t. I headed out of town for the weekend and called my HVAC people first thing Monday morning. Earliest appointment: Friday afternoon.

At least I still had air conditioning downstairs. Or did. Wednesday morning I realized it wasn’t cooling either. “Hello HVAC people, I have more work for you Friday afternoon.”

Ants Meet Shocking End

Ants shorted the contacts on both air conditioning compressors. Yes, ants, those pesky little insects that love the food crumbs at your picnic. I don’t know what attracts ants to A/C compressors, but they get in there and gum up the works. It’s been several years since this last happened, but we’ve have a very wet spring. Time to invest in some ant control. Cheaper than A/C repair.

My thermostats are set between 80 and 84 degrees Farenheit. I use fans to circulate the air and make it feel cooler. I seldom express a love of air conditioning, but after last week I’m very appreciative right now.

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