Garage Sale Musings

Having a Garage Sale: work, a little cash, less stuff.

The coolness of a north facing garage on a hot summer day. A peaceful time. Reading. Watching and hearing the world go by. Breeze in the tree tops. Lawns being mowed. People walking, biking, pushing strollers. Cars, pickup trucks and SUVs.

I finally committed to our annual 2nd Saturday in June neighborhood garage sale on Wednesday morning. During my morning walk, I discovered some neighbors had started their sales early. I decided I really needed to try and get rid of sell some stuff.

Three days is little time to prepare. I was aided by things that sat in the garage with price tags for 2 years (since my last garage sale). And a list of things residing in their normal locations throughout the house.

I added a few new items into the mix, put price tags on everything, moved folding tables into the garage and arranged my wares. Moving the tables is my least favorite part as my quilting area is incapacitated until they are returned. And the tables are awkward to carry up and down stairs.

Observing my unsold items at 3 p.m., I’m debating whether it was worth the time and effort. There seems to be almost as much as I started with.

But some things found a new home. Two garden hoses, 2 sprinklers, an aerobic exercise step, the Hoover vacuum with all it’s attachments, a pot, a roasting pan, a stack of quilting magazines, gift wrap, greeting cards and a more. A man even took (for free) the box fan that quit working last year. Hopefully he can make it work and keep it out of the landfill. And it was really nice to not haul the hoses back to their hangers in the garage.

I made about $40, mostly from people handing me dollar bills. The real benefit is clearing out things I no longer need and don’t want to move when I get around to moving to Albuquerque. Sitting in the garage with no TV, radio or computer was a nice change of pace.

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