Held Captive By A Cat

Cat with shoe

I spent Easter Sunday with family and my mom and I shopped the Branson outlets on Monday. Dusty, my mom’s cat checked out the smells of all my sisters’ animals (all eleven of them) and cuddled up with my shoes when we came in Sunday evening. Otherwise, he mostly ignored me for a day and half.

Noon today, I’ve got my car all loaded, literally everything but me and my purse. I go back in to get my purse and say goodbye to mom. Here comes Dusty. Rub up against my legs. Get between my feet and rub the inside of both legs. Then he plops down and curls up for a nap using my left foot for a pillow! He knew I was ready to leave. He knew I had put everything in the car and was ready to go. That darn cat wanted me to stick around and pay attention to him.

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