TV Therapy: The Television Guide to Life

Hey, couch potato! You on the sofa with the remote. TV Therapy: The Television Guide to Life by Beverly West and Jason Bergund was written for you. You may or may not get any life changing insights from reading it, but you will get some laughs.

Written in commercial-break-sized bites, TV Therapy succinctly describes many of your favorite TV shows. Interspersed with the show descriptions are quotes from some of the shows and recipes frm Beverly and Jason.

The book has 9 chapters with the titles Dysfunctional Family TV, Diva TV, You’ve Got a Friend TV, Work is Hell TV, Teen Spirit TV, Party TV, Antianxiety TV and TV for the Soul. Do you think you know just which shows belong in each chapter? Go read the book and find out if you’re right.

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